The Group

Immobiliare Dolcevita is born from a long experience in the management of the territory, it works with dynamism, professionalism 'and with the help of innovative management systems, communication and marketing.

In the first decade of the millennium Italian building he was hit by a "housing bubble" characterized by an overvalued price. The real estate industry has seen the proliferation of speculators.

One of our intentions is based on innovation, through which we dismantle the current and fictitious figure of real estate agent.
Today this can become credible only if it responds to the real needs of the customer, it is for this reason that we prefer to call ourselves ESTATE ADVISORS.
We offer constant monitoring of the market, so that we can advise the client the property owner the right selling price.

The Dynamism is the principle that has led us overseas. South America is one of the most ambitious where we landed.
An equally ambitious project is the expansion of the brand in the beautiful region of Tuscany. Already present in Florence with the offer also luxury properties.

Finally, the professionalism and without which none of this would have been possible. Partnerships with major companies: SM INTERNATIONAL, foreign company for investments in BRIC , Brazil.

As for the Italian territory: CS CONSTRUCTION operating in Lombardy since 2008. Other collaborations with remodelers, that allow us to offer the customer management service for refurbishment.

The strength of the figure of REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT lies in the ability to manage services that make it possible to follow the customer at 360 degrees for the purchase of the property.


  • Gestione del cliente fino al rogito

  • Valutazioni gratuite

  • Promozione dell'immobile sulle maggiori testate locali e sui portali più visitati del settore

  • Consulenza gratuita e senza impegno

  • Certificazioni energetiche

  • Compravendite

  • Affitti brevi, transitori e lungo termine

  • Consulenza legale

  • Convenzioni per:

  • Mutui al 100% più spese accessorie dilazionabili
  • Ristrutturazioni
  • Pannelli solari e fotovoltaico
  • Materiali edili
  • Mobilio
  • Polizze assicurative
  • Tinteggiatura
  • Giardinaggio
  • Amministrazione di condomini
  • Progettazione e realizzazione ville su misura

Company data:

Immobiliare Dolcevita Srl
Sede legale: Via Domenico Scarlatti, 26
20124 Milano
P.IVA: 05880970966